Stoptech C43 Big Brake Kit (Front / 309x32mm) - Honda S2000 00-05

Stoptech C43 Big Brake Kit (Front / 309x32mm) - Honda S2000 00-05

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StopTech has designed a new generation of calipers � our first ever fifth generation calipers. This caliper is the lightest & strongest we have ever produced, using a new analysis software package to retain strength while shedding weight. The first two calipers out of the gate went to work for two years in Late model short track racing, where we proved out the system and ended up taking 7 championships across the country. These were 500whp cars, doing 175 laps, 15s per lap, 2 brake applies per lap. Rotors were glowing by lap 50 and the rotor lasted an entire season of racing.

In a 600whp Integra Type R Time attack application, data logging showed the C43 CBK pulled down -2.4g under deceleration on 275 Hoosiers.

After proof of success, we began applying the new competition (C43) calipers to the most popular competitive street cars. We look to road racing applications where the brakes can benefit from being optimized for weight and intended use. The target market for these CBKs are dedicated track cars looking for performance and minimized weight. We do plan to release a more street friendly version of the kit, but through the end of this year, the CBK comes standard with full floating race hardware (which means the hat can rattle on the rotor ring) and high temp track pads (can have a low speed squeal). We try to discourage anything daily driven in order to reach the cars that can use and appreciate the system.

-The S2K AP1/AP2 C43 CBK uses our lightweight C43 caliper and a DR21 pad shape � common to all race pad manufacturers, so you are not held to StopTech race pads. These pads have 11% more volume than the ST40 caliper pads
-C43 weighs exactly HALF the ST40, coming in between 4.2 and 4.5 lbs depending on caliper options
-S2K specific differential piston bores at 36-42mm
-One-bolt Pad changes
-The caliper is paired with a non-directional Pillar Vane 309x32 rotor ring, who�s larger air gap increases cooling efficiency
-Rotor ring weighs 11 lbs and contains our non-directional slot pattern
-Rotor replacement cost is $99.99
-StopTech SR33 or SR34 race pads are included with the kit; not proprietary shape. Available from all manufacturers.
-The hat is mounted to the rotor with our race float hardware allowing unrestricted thermal expansion